Sometimes, you don't want, need or are not ready to hire a coach, and so, I developed TEN - Your Unique Journey.  Your Journey, your way, because life can be better and a helping hand can make it easier

What is TEN?

It would be great if life were straight forward, it is usually our expectations of wanting a simpler life that can let us down.  You see, life is a full contact sport.

A scaling question is a standard coaching tool.  A scaling question asks you to give a number between 0 - 10.  0 being the worst and 10 being the best.  The question could be anything, such as, what number would you give regarding your life in general? 

Firstly, your life is subjective to you.  It's not really about the number, but what the number represents to you.  Then we have to consider if you're being authentic or not.  With expectations we place upon ourselves and from others, from where we think we should fit in, societal pressures etc... authenticity can be a challenge in itself.

But then we have something else to consider.  How to reach our 10?  Your journey is your own.  We are mistaken to think there is only one way to our destination.   On a mathematical level there are so many ways to get to 10.  1+9. 3+7, 5x2, 2x2+6.  You get the picture.  There is no single way.  You can make it your way, but it is helpful to know what 10 looks like to you.

This is what TEN is all about.  Your Unique Journey.

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What TEN provides:


A few resources that you may find valuable to promote your own self-awareness


An Evening of Self-Potential. An in-Person evening hosted at the Gallery Coffee House & Event Space, Barry, focused on your self-development and personal growth

'I'm my own coach' programme

A programme developed to help guide you in your own self-development and self-discovery

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