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I have a saying:  "There's potential for shite, and potential for insight"

We navigate the world in the best way we can with what we have.  In fact, you could say everyone is doing the very best they can with what is going on in their mind at that particular time.  So, quite simply: I help people change what's going on in their minds, enabling them to create a different, and hopefully better reality.  We don't stop there.  If you really want life to change, then you have to do something differently.  We must take action.

The world is filled with stress, trauma, burnout, but it is also filled with opportunity, peace, clarity and potential for success.  However, these things are not for me to define.  They are subjective.  They are yours to figure out.  I just join you along the ride.

I work like a mechanic.  You wouldn't want to take your car to a mechanic and find him/her there already holding a wrench.  You'd expect the mechanic to explore what's going on under the hood first, then, and only then to utilise their skills and knowlege base to support.  This is why I consider myself a life long learner. 

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Social Worker

Nearly two decades working within social care, over a decade as a qualified Social Worker.

Executive Coach

An advanced certificate in Executive Coaching accredited by University of the West of England, Bristol.

HeartMath Coach

Using HRV science and research in a trauma informed way; calming your nervous system and so much more.


multiple brain integration techniques practitioner.  Supporting the communication with the whole body, including gut, heart and head

HeartMath Stress and Wellbeing assessment

Research based stress and wellbeing assessment to provide insight into your current thought processes.

innate health and education and resilience trainer

Specifically for children and young people, supporting the understanding that reality is an inside job

The moment you change your perception is the moment you re-write the chemistry of your body
bruce lipton

What do I support with?

My training and experience includes nearly two decades of working with people who have had many challenges in their lives of some description. 

Leadership skills

Stress / burnout

Limiting beliefs

Life feeling out of control

Habit change



Cultivate resilience 

Much more 

How does my coaching work?

Coaching is all about you.  Coaching is all about powerful intentional conversations and will change based on what you need.  However, the below is a rough guide. 

Playful curiosity

Coaching can be serious, but it can be fun too.  Coaching can bring out laughter and tears. It's all about powerful questions in a light hearted way and in a safe space.

Exploring your conditioning

Coaching is different from therapy.  Therapy can be incredibly helpful.  Therapy tends to help you process past events, coaching focuses on future aspirations and goals.  As part of that process, we may certainly touch upon past events to identify certain belief patterns, but coaching doesn't focus on the past.

Working through misunderstandings

We know what we know, but what we know don't tend to be facts, even though we take them as so.  Our reality is created by our personal thinking (beliefs, opinions, judgements etc...)  What we know can get stop us from exceling, and developing a new understanding is important. 

Taking action

Insight is great.  Inspiration is great.  Dreams are great.  Goals are great.  But nothing changes unless you do something difference.
You have power over your mind - not outside events.  Realize this, and you will find strength.
Marcus Aurelius, meditations


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