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Because although change is Always Possible.  We can't always do it by ourselves. 

My Aim

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To develop aspiration, uncover your inner potential and encourage action enabling you to excel, in your personal and professional life

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Why aspiration?

Inspiration is defined as "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something"

Aspiration provides the motivation and direction for achieving one's goals.  

The truth is, that we can be inspired to change our lives, we can watch an 'inspirational film, or see an 'inspirational post' but still not do anything about it.  Sometimes we wait for the feeling of wanting to take action before we even consider doing anything, but there are plenty of things in life that we do without feeling the drive to do it.  

Aspiration, to us, refers to taking action anyway.  Even if you don't feel like it.  The drive to achieve your goals but taking one step at a time.

My values

Our values are not just values.  They are 'values in action'. 

Keep it simple

Life can be complicated; or so it seems, but does it have to be?  Simple. Clear.  Honest.  Authentic.

Believe in your potential

I don’t pretend it’s easy and yet; I believe that change is always possible. 

Remain curious

We know what we know, but there’s so much more to know, and what we do know will change.  Always remain curious, update our information and practices as and when needed. 

Add value

To improve your life

Why 'Always Potential'?

I'm often asked...where did the name 'Always Potential' come from?

Well... life can be awesome, and life can be shite.  There's Always Potential for both.

Like you, life has presented many...'learning opportunities' over the years.  Obviously, I've  not always called it that, but here are three life lessons.

  1. Life has the potential to be shite! We cannot control external forces / life events.  Things are going to happen, but in essence, we actually know that the things that happen are neither good nor bad.  It's the meaning we attach to situations and circumstances that cause the feeling of shiteness.  There's nothing wrong with this, it's just how it works.

  2. We really can have more enjoyable, productive and successful lives.  We have the potential for greatness within us.  Yes, a little cliche, but it doesn't make it any less true.  It's already within me, it's already within you.  You do not lack anything.  You are not low in anything; we have everything we need within us.  It just needs uncovering...and we still have to get things done! Simple...right?!

  3. Everyone has their own definition of 'enjoyable', 'productive' and 'success'.  Some see success as being the top person in their organisation or winning a gold medal.  Other's see success as having financial freedom, others by how much they're living towards their purpose or/and having meaning relationships with loved ones in their lives.  It's all subjective, and it's up to you to define.

    Oh, and why shite and shiteness?...because my partner is Irish, and let's face it, 'shite' sounds so much better then 'shit'!
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What I do...

I provide that helping hand to support aspirations and encourage accountability to support you to excel in your personal and professional life.

How do I do it...

I do this by providing one-to-one coaching, delivering training, either face to face or through created online e-learning courses.
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