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TEN - An Evening of Self-Potential

Like most, I am a big fan of certain authors, presenters, books, podcasts and YouTube etc…, but there’s nothing like listening and becoming energised and impacted by coaches and speakers in the room with you.  

This is why I created An Evening of Self-Potential. An evening to relax, unwind and focus on yourself while listening to local amazing and dynamic coaches and speakers.

The event takes place at The Gallery Coffee House and Events Space, 2 Broad Street, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan with a glass or two of Prosecco and some sweet treats to really create a satisfying evening

Our next evening will take place on Tuesday 4th June 2024.  We'd love to see you there

An evening of self-potential | An evening for you | An evening of inpiration | An evening of reflection and renewal

Meet the speakers

Aaron Morton

Personal Trainer

The Makings of an Energised Mind: 5 ingredients to having a clear mind for better health & work performance

Aaron Morton works with busy professionals and executives who feel their health has fallen by the wayside. Using a combination of physical exercise, psychology and nutrition, Aaron helps clients create a system for nurturing their health and using their new energised state to work smarter.

Lara Rebecca

Founder of The Keep Smiling Collective | Professional Speaker | Eating Disorder & Mental Health Awareness

Beyond Baseline: Flourishing After Adversity 

Drawing on her own raw and unfiltered experiences, Lara provides a insight into the complexities of mental health challenges. Her talk not only illuminates the intricate paths of recovery but also celebrates the transformative power of personal growth and the courage to embrace discomfort.  

Lara's overarching aim is to educate and raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and empower her audience to prioritise their well-being, inspiring them to flourish beyond their baseline expectations.

Daniel Farmer

Psychological Flexibility Trainer

What’s the difference between a rabbit and human: Why we have the potential to suffer and how to mitigate it

Dan Farmer is the founder of A to Z: Anxious to Zen (ish).

Dan has worked in the high pressure environment of IT Application Consultancy for over 25 years. He specialised in large scale implementations for public and private sector organisations but struggled with overwhelming anxiety from a young age.  

As a result of his own experiences, his search for a solution led to the study of Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) at Cardiff University which ultimately allowed him to manage his own challenges with stress and anxiety.   The success he experienced from applying ACT in his own live spurred him on to become an ACT Certified Matrix Coach and to develop an ACT based protocol for effectively managing maladaptive anxiety to help people ‘get out of their heads and back into their lives’ – it is his lived experience of managing maladaptive anxiety using ACT and the matrix.  

Dan is now passionate about helping organisations to substantially improve employee performance by teaching them to apply ACT to their own lives

 Join us for an evening dedicated to your well-being and personal growth:

💥 Three dynamic speakers, each delivering a captivating 25-minute talk designed to enrich your life.  Sit back and relax.

💥 Engaging Q&A sessions to delve deeper into topics that resonate with you. Ask a question, don’t ask a question, your call.

💥 Enjoy a glass of prosecco and delightful sweet treats while connecting with fellow attendees on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment

A selection of photos from our previous events

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Frequently asked questions about the event:

How often does TEN - An Evening of Self-Potential happen?

We 're exploring bi-monthly events.   There are some amazing local coaches and speakers that I know can add huge value.  We will only put on an event if we know that we can arrange an event that can offer true value, with relevant topics and support that will be helpful.

Does the event cost?

Yes.  Ticket prices are set to £24.50.  We usually have an early bird price. We want to ensure that we can provide as much value on the evening as possible.  It is not just about listening to each speaker, but also the enjoyment of the whole evening with Prosecco and sweet treats. 

If I sign up, how often will I receive an e-mail?

We will only send out an e-mail if we have something to offer, such as confirmation of the date, the speakers and any other arrangements. Anyone on the waiting list will also receive an additional discount code to the event and have access to booking before any other social media marketing.

I heard the evening will be recorded?

This is right.  We have a professional videographer filming each coach/speaker, but also other parts of the evening.  Why?  Speakers offer such value, that sometimes they forget, so they get their own video for their own benefit, to share on social media etc....

Why the Gallery Coffee House and Event space in Barry?

The Gallery Coffee House and Event space is a special place.  It has a unique mission.  The Gallery Coffee is also the home of CUBE (Community United Barry 4 Everyone).  All profits that the Gallery Coffee House makes goes back into the pot to support individuals and families in and around Barry.  They provide advocacy and intervention programmes at no cost to them.  Every time you make a purchase in the coffee shop, however small, the income goes towards the running of support and programmes. 

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