Uncovering your innate potential;

creating exponential success


You have everything you need within you to live into your own greatness, whatever that may mean for you.

Always potential offers one to one coaching and training to support you to become more...you!  Most people want to become more 'successful' but here's the thing...success is defined differently for every one of us.


Some see success as having more money and high-profile positions, but for others, it's developing deeper relationships, being to be true to yourself, have more peace of mind and clarity to make better decisions.  

My coaching and training helps to dissolve the stories that prevents you from moving forward; enabling you to work, play and live into your greatness and positively impact the world in your own way.

People do not need coaching, and they do not want coaching.

People want:

  • Access to their innate wisdom
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • To take more actions
  • Peace of mind
  • To feel more peace of mind
  • To have more clarity and a sense of purpose

People want impact.  What do you want?

  • Always Potential

    “I was able to hear your talk yesterday and wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you. I felt the most calm that I have felt in months after hearing you speak - almost like it prompted me to find my clear mind....

    ​I went over to my partners house last night, smiling for the first time in weeks and we had a good evening discussing your thoughts and work. It was so reassuring, in these challenging times, to know that my inner peace and calm was still there and hadn't been magically taken away by covid and all the work and personal pressures that it has brought with it”

    Speach & Language Therapist


Social responsibility - Giving back

5% of all one to one coaching sales goes towards social projects, such as:

  • One to one coaching for young people who struggle with their wellbeing

  • Innate health education and training for groups of young people

Free coaching hours are also given to the Professional Support Service for Social Workers through the British Association for Social Workers