Disolving your stories; creating exponential success

You have everything you need within you to live into your own greatness, what ever that maybe for you!


My clients are successful people, they have huge ideas and visions but struggle to put a step forward, not because they don't know how, but because of the stories and assumptions they create about themselves.

My coaching and training helps to dissolves those barriers; enabling you to work, play and live into your greatness and positively impact the world in your own way.

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"Success is no accident...It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love what you are doing" Pele
True...but is it so simple?...well...YES actually. 
It's not to say that a technique or strategy wouldn't be helpful, I'm sure you've tried loads, but life can be hard work and piling more and more on ourselves isn't always helpful.
What if you need less on your mind, not more?
  • Want to know more about what success looks like to you?
  • Want to release the stories and assumptions that hold you back?
  • Want to work smarter...not harder? (as the cliche goes)

"I was able to hear your talk yesterday and wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you.  I felt the most calm that I have feld in months after hearing you speak - almost like it prompted me to find my clear mind....

I went over to my partners house last night, smiling for the first time in weeks and we had a good evening discussing your thoughts and work.  It was so reassuring, in these challenging times, to know that my innder peace and calm was still there and hadn't been magically taken away by covid and all the work and personal pressures that it has brought with it."

Judith, Speach and Language Therapist

Social responsibility - Giving back

5% of all one to one coaching sales goes towards various projects.  Such as:

  • One to one coaching for young people who are struggling with their wellbeing

  • Innate health education and training for young people

Free coaching hours given to the Professional Support Service for Social Workers through the British Association for Social Workers

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