Aug 19 / James Phillips

Why do we not exit a building from the first floor?

Is this a trick question or a practical question?  Well, I used this as a metaphor just the other day. Let’s address the practical element to get that out the way first.  Yes, perhaps replacing a window with a door would make it a little easier to leave a building. We do this with fire escapes after all, but it doesn’t make it the everyday norm. It wouldn’t be great astatically.  A slide would make a great exit, I’m not sure why this hasn’t made the norm yet?!  Maybe a question for another day.

Here’s an interesting thought … a toddler may not know its name or it’s mathematical equation, but they soon develop a concept of ‘gravity’.  They stand, they fall.  They stand, they fall.  They throw food off their high chair.  You get the picture.  Through everyday experiences, they eventually learn that what goes up, must come down.

I’m making a safe assumption that human beings have always used the ground floor to exit a building, even before Newton ‘invented’ the force they called gravity.  Okay, so we know that Newtown didn’t invent gravity, he discovered the existence of the mathematical equation that allowed us to live the way we do. To build great structures and allow a 560 ton tin can to fly in their air (The A380).  Newtown didn’t invent gravity; he provided a shift of meaning.  By understanding the force, we were able to utilise this truth for to better human kind.

This matters for a number of reasons, firstly, every time we’ve been shown a fundamental ‘shift of meaning’, there’s been a fundamental change in human behaviour. Whether this being gravity, germ theory or the discovery that the world is in fact round and not flat, to most anyway. Prior to these fundamental changes in our understanding, we used to think we would be become ill or die from bad smells, and we could sail close or off the edge of world. Sounds daft now, but not at the time.  These things were very real to people during those times.

The same applies to why we don’t exit a building from the first floor. It doesn’t make sense to do so, we know as soon as we take a step off, we’d get hurt. We have however become innocently embroiled in another misunderstanding. This being, that our moment-to-moment experience is created from outside of us. We blame ourselves, other people, events and things for how we feel and consequently we suffer with the mental and physical consequences, some of which are quite significant. We create beliefs about ourselves and our reality that seems true to us, but we’ve become confused between reality and truth. Just because something appears real, does not make it true.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if the majority of our innocent suffering can be altered with a ‘shift of meaning’? What difference would it make to you, to the people around you to understand that we have access to peace of mind and clarity anytime we wanted?

You see, we’ve become accustomed to believe (for whatever reason) that life is created outside of us, and that we are simply watching and at times, suffering. This is far from the truth.

Life is created within us and projected to create our own sense of reality, it’s real to us, but it doesn’t make it true. Our minds are feeling and emotion making factories, and one of the raw ingredients is our personal thinking (beliefs, opinions, perspective etc…) but that’s not the most important part. The most important part, is the realisation is that your whole reality is created by the power of Thought. You have the ability to have one thought followed by another, followed by another and so on. You and I are always living in the feeling of our thinking. Simple… isn’t it :)

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