One to One Coaching

Uncovering your innate potential

One to One Transformational Coaching 

As a professional and qualified coach, I serve by holding intentional, powerful conversations with individuals, providing them with the time and space for their own insights.  Individuals transform their lives by understanding themselves at a deeper level and how it is they create their own moment to moment experience. 

With an understanding of neuroscience and psychology, I love to build meaningful relationships to support shifts in thinking so individuals can create the life they desire.

I have a four-step approach:

Playful curiosity

Being 'playful' is really important as we need to get out of our own head.  Change happens when we are most at ease and are in a comfortable 'thinking space'.  Using curiosity to explore your sense of reality. In short, I ask lots of questions.  All coaches should, but I don't ask questions that you already know the answer to.  You're living your life based on things you alreay know. I'm more interested in what you don't know, but have access to.  Sounds a little cryptic doesn't it.  In short, you already have access to the answers you need to live a different life, you just don't know you do.  I help bring this to the surface. 


Beyond Conditioning

We've all lived so many years, having experiences and experiences.  Some of those have come and gone with no attached meaning.  For example, where were you during on May 10th 2004? Maybe something happened on this date, but perhaps it didn't.  If I ask you where you were on September 11th 2001, you may remember it being when the Twin Trade Towers collapsed. 

Your beliefs have got you where you are today, that's neither good nor bad, it just is what it is. In order to move forward however, it may be important to understand how we let go of certain conditioning/beliefs that we've become consciously or unconsciously attached to.


Understanding you

You are sitting in your own mental health.  We all have access to clarity, peace of mind and our wisdom (inner voice/gut).  Understanding who you are at your core is really helpful to drop the conditioning

Understanding the potential for exponential growth means understanding a new power within you.  It's natural to develop a sense of identity, we do this from early childhood, however this identity may no longer serve us, and so it's time to uncover who you truly



My drawings will not make an art museum any time soon, but it does not mean that I am not creative, in fact, we are all creating, every moment.  We create our own moment to moment experience.  We create the relationships we have, we create our moods (not always on purpose), we create our mindsets and we create our journeys. 


Taking action

This speaks for itself; our time won't be just talking, it will be creating plans, taking action and holding you accountable for progressing in the areas most important to you. 

Why coaching?

- Improve leadership skills

- Become  clear and focused on your purpose

- Live more in the feeling of peace, instead of stress

- Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

- Communicate more effectively

- Improve your relationships

It's your road and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask me:

How do I know coaching is right for me?

The easiest thing I have found is just to arrange a catch up, we can explore what you are looking for from coaching, or whether I think you should be looking at something else.

Can I split the payments?

No, not at the moment.  All payments will need to be made in full prior to the first coaching session, unless there are other arrangements made, such as a company is paying an invoice

What online platforms do you use?

I mainly use Zoom, however others can be made available.  This can also include telephone. 

Can we meet in person?

I meet lots of clients face to face, however this all depends where you are in the Country, and travel arrangements (inc time) would incur an extra cost