The 1% Accountability Club is an 8-week virtual course created to support you to take action on your goals!  This is not just another information style course.  You are accountable to others, and others are accountable to you.

Why?...I recognise that people struggle to make the changes they want in their lives; this   course was created to help you to tune into your goals and become accountable for taking action.

Did you know that 92% of people do not achieve their goals*.  There are a number of reasons why people don't reach their goals, here are just a few examples, any sound familiar?


Let's get listin'

  • Limiting beliefs - Something that you believe to be true about yourself that stops you in your tracks  
  • Wellbeing - Stress can be a big factor in our live.  Self-care isn't always a priority.
  • Fear - We can all have different fears.  The fear of what other people would think, the fear of really coming into our own, the fear of failure
  • Own motivation - One of the biggest misunderstandings is that we have to have motivation before we make a change.
  • Lack of clarity - We don't always create the time to think of the vision.
  • Systems - Our systems we create often help us to remain the same.  We have to look at our daily habits and create new systems to form new habits to reach our goals.
  • Other people - We do not always surround ourselves with the most helpful, supportive people. 

Accountability pods can help you achieve by your goals by up 500%

This course is for you if:


Let's get listin'

  • You know that you can offer the world more than what you are right now
  • You have goals you want to achieve, but are not taking the actions needed
  • You feel frustrated and are tired of going around in circles
  • You want to be held accountable for your own actions, and by doing so...
  • You want to help serve others, who will be in the same position as                          you...wanting to achieve their goals

What you need to know about

The 1% Accountability Club

Image - Time

It is an 8 week commitment

Meeting twice per week

First session will be the whole group

Second session will be for your pod


What is the 1% all about?

The 1% marginal gains rule came from Sir Dave Brailsfod, former performance director of the British Cycling.  Brailsford believed if you made a 1% improvement in a host of tiny areas, they cumulative benefits would be extraordinary.  When the British Cycling team won 16 gold medals over two Olympics and 7 Tour de France wins in 8 years, no one argued with him!


Image - System
Image - Neuron

We focus on the science

You may have come across the saying 'Neurons that fire together, wire together".  I love neuroscience, not because it's fancy, but because it explains how things work.  When we understand how our human experience is created, we become free to make better decisions.  

POD (okay not these types of pods)

You will be placed in an accountability pod with up to four other people.  You will meet at least once week and communicate with each other on a regular basis.

You will be vulnerable and courageous at the same time.  You will offer your commitment to yourself, and to each other.

Image - Pod
Image - Topic

Each week will focus on a separate topic

  • Mindset

  • Assumptions / Identity

  • Beneath your conditioning

  • Creation

  • The 1% difference

  • Systems

  • and more...

There will be work involved

You will be playfully curious with yourself (not in a rude way).  You will have access to writable worksheets and plans that you will be expected to complete and share within your pod.

Image - work

The 1% Accountability Club is only  £347

This program is for you if you have you have big goals you want to achieve, but struggle to keep focused. So let's summarise...

  • An 8 week program, meeting twice per week
  • A different area of focus every week 
  • Science led, specifically from the area of neuroscience and pyschology
  • You'll be placed in accountability pods, where you'll meet others who are also in the same position as you to form your own community
  • You will have reflective worksheets and plans to full out and share with your pod
  • Your pod will keep you accountable, and you will support others to do the same
  • You will focus on your own goals, always taking action to do the 'doo-able'
  • ​And more…

"I created this course because I know you're holding back. I know this because I've done the same.  Sometimes, we just need a little help.  I did not want a course that just provides information, I wanted to create something unique.  To provide a space that helps you take action from day 1"


Have you had enough of making excuses? Of letting your own mind get in the way?

The 1% Accountability Club is only  £347

Frequently Asked Questions

What days do we meet?

Although not definite, the next course is looking to take place on a Monday and Thursday evening

How does it work?

The first session will be about 2 hours long; where we will meet as a whole group. 

The second session will be somewhat different.  We will meet as a group, but you will be devided into your pods as a form of breakout rooms.

Can I split up the cost?

No.  All payments will need to be made before the course begins.